Shoe du jour

Vacation day. A casual day with time to kick back and relax in my Converse All-Stars. This shoe is not like the traditional chunky white sole you instantly recognize as Chuck Taylor. What drew me to this shoe in 2006 was the details – the rubber sole was thinner, outer side is pin-striped in red and black, there’s red piping on the black canvas back heel and the toe had no pin-striping whatsoever. Now although I prefer the non-lace versions, I really appreciated that this pair had 14 grommets and skinny laces. Chuck Taylor’s come in so many different styles, heights and fabrics – leather, canvas, studded – every color imaginable and you can custom design your own pair too. This is a flat shoe, with no arch support. Is it comfortable? Not particularly, but I didn’t buy these for comfort, I bought these for style. Lasting style. And they have plenty of that!

converse Allstar snapshot

converse side

Allstar back