Pandemic Shoe du jour

Confession – I know we are in a pandemic, but I broke down and bought a pair of sensible shoes – aka flats. (on-line and on sale!) I typically don’t wear flat shoes. But these are ridiculously comfortable, stylish and could possibly be the perfect mule!

The Elyce¬†mule by Frances Valentine. In case you aren’t familiar with Frances Valentine, check out their website. The founder launched the brand back in 2016 with Kate and Andy Spade and its’ styles are timeless. I especially love the coats and¬†handbags.

The mule has a stacked square heel – frankly this really makes the shoe go from ho-hum to haute. Added bonus, there is arch support! And the robin-egg blue insole puts this on a new level of style.

The Tiffany’s of shoes – a true classic.