Shoe du jour

Another Italian wonder for the summer season from Sfizi Chicago. A chunky 2″ heeled leather sandal with side cutouts and whip stitched lacing. The deep V open vamp adds extra interest to this shoe.

Italian sandal Just_italian_sandal

Slide into the weekend

Memorial Day weekend and the weather is hot! So it’s time to chill out and slide into some stylish sandals. The “Livvy” by Summit White Mountain is a simple leather slip-on sandal, with a black and white striped platform and contrasting natural leather trim. Perfect with every outfit, all weekend long.

livvy summit_white_mountain_livvy


Soles for the Soul – Shoe du jour

Did I really need another pair of boots? No. But I attended the Covet show in Chicago and couldn’t resist.

  • They are black and white cowhair, so each pair is truly unique.
  • They are well designed and fit like a glove.
  • They are bad-ass cool.

More importantly, the main reason I bought these Alcala boots was because of the story behind them. Linda Alcala is the designer and owner of Alcala Boutique in Chicago. Her story is so inspiring. Don’t think she had it easy… nothing was handed to her. She struggled and had to scrape everything together and prove to her family and the industry that she not only could design her own line, but also be a successful business woman. She is truly an inspiration…and that is why I bought these boots.Alcala_cow Richard_cow_hair

Who knew soles could be good for one’s soul.


Walking on Sunshine – Shoe du jour

Spring is finally here! And it calls for a new pair of kicks to show off the pedicure! “Lil’ bootie” by Sheridan Mia. The silver, shimmer leather is what first caught my eye. The stylish cut outs, side zip, 3″ heel and cushioned in-soles sealed the deal.


Miasheridan Mia cut out

Lil Bootie MiaSheridan mia profile