Shoe du jour

I love heels! I typically do not do flats but I saw these and just couldn’t resist a test driveIf the high heeled version was available, I might have purchased those instead but these flats actually seem to offer more versatile wardrobe optionsThey can be paired with shorts, jeans, maxi dresses, capris and skirts – a “go to” sandal and a great way to show off that pedi.
See by Chloe – is it a sandal or is it a bootie? It’s certainly an interesting hybrid. This fashion forward sandal has a brown suede ankle shaft cuff with matching tonal drawstring so you can cinch it to created a ruched effect.  The tan leather strap is a nice contrast to the dark suede. The nonexistent heel blends nicely into the cuff. Cute and unconventional, its a nice addition to the ever expanding shoe closet collection.

See by Chloe side See by chloe front

See by Chloe