Shoe du jour

Flashback from my childhood….Romper Stompers. The original, bright yellow, sturdy, stilt-like, plastic platforms for shoes made popular by tv’s “Romper Room”. Good for hand-eye coordination and balance, you’d balance on two upside-down cups that had a green rubber tube looped and knotted through, which also served as a handle. They made you about 5″ taller and you’d “clomp” when you’d walk in them.This was probably my first introduction to high heels.

Romper Stomper kt

romper stomper feet

And that is why I absolutely LOVE Alexander Wang‘s high heel mule from 2010. It reminds me of those simple days clomping around and stomping on anything in my runway. These shoes really kick ass with a 4.5″ heel, closed leather toe and ultra-high vamp. Well styled and highly fashionable, these stilts aren’t for everyone …  just those that want to always remember the joys of youth. And see things through the eyes of a child…hmmm is it time for recess yet?

Alexander Wang mule

Alexander Wang mule side Alexander Wang mule snapshot