Shoe du jour

You know that moment when you see a shoe you just have to have? Your heart races and you gasp when you discover it’s on SALE!
How can something so simple be so AMAZING?? Part of my shoe collection since 2010, the “FRAME” by United Nude raises the bar in conventional shoe design. Aptly named, the bare bone frame is highly stylized, featuring black leather strap cut outs with velcro side closure and a triangular structural heel. Incredibly lightweight, yet extremely durable. The base and heel are constructed from carbon fiber, the same materials high-end exotic sport cars are made with. Stare worthy, it’s like a Ferrari for your feet. Architecturally inspired, this turbo-charged geometric masterpiece is a true work of art. A study in contrasts and something to be admired. Best of all….it shouldn’t be comfortable, but it is! It shouldn’t look AMAZING on, yet it does!
UN frame side UN frame pair UN frame side shot UN frame snapshot