Shoe du jour

An ad popped up in my facebook feed. Intrigued, I clicked on it.

Stylish slippers for this high heeled gal?

The website claimed “TIME Slippers are designed to help you recharge so you can spend your life doing what really matters.”

Hmmm stylish sneakers.

A few clicks later. I bought the TIME Slippers leather low top slipper. With a 6mm yoga mat insole, wool lining and stretch laces. I chose black leather with white trim. They have a flexible neoprene back heel –for versatility – can be worn down as a slip on mule or fitted to hug your heel.  I have made these my official house slippers. Once I get home, I immediately change into these stylish slippers and recharge my feet. I can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn that aren’t high heeled.

Casual, stylish, comfortable and affordable.

This is my first pair. It won’t be my last.

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