Shoe du jour

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and these shoes prove just that.  Nunc. Named from part of the Latin expression Hic et Nunc, meaning Here and Now, these shoes are just that.  The subtle, yet eclectic mix of details are what drew me to purchase this shoe, designed by Dominika Nowak. Her shoes source materials made in Italy but the shoes are hand-made in Poland.  The blending of European cultures has created a shoe collection that definitely makes a statement. The Lenais all about contrasts. The smooth black leather contrasts with white trim, initially giving the shoe a sporty look.  A front zipper showcases an edge, yet the braided trim gives it a Parisian-couture, polished elegance. A plain stiletto heel….um, no. This is a serious killer heel! But the details don’t stop there, and continue into the interior of the shoe and how its built and finished with mesh lining. This shoe is everything … and then some.

Lena by Nunc Lena front Lena profile Lena snapshot