Shoe du jour

It’s my birthday this week, so I felt compelled to indulge. Delicious Shoe, a Chicago-based shoe store in a truck, opened a brick and mortar store called Sfizi, which means: the Italian colloquial term for things you desire, when struck by a craving, whim or fancy. There’s a term for my addiction!

I visited the store and of course walked away with not one, but two pairs of kicks. After all, it is my birthday.

I love the uniqueness of these shoes. By IXOS, an Italian brand, I would name these … Bellissima! Off-white perforated and asymmetrical cut leather with black cap toe, separated by a brown leather band. A sling back with a 3.25″, carved wooden, wide-block heel makes these shoes per morire per.

ixos by malloniscarpa ticinoo

Ixosixos portrait