Shoe du jour

Quality … styled with modern minimalism. That defines Coclico‘s shoes. These open toe, peep vamp suede sandals are stunning in design and fabrication. The color is a sage green/grey – a rich hue, especially in suede. The heel is a modest 3.25″. Purchased in 2011, at a mere price of a nickel. That’s right, five whole cents! These are the least expensive shoes in my closet. City Soles in Chicago has a nickel sale at least twice a year. Buy a regular pair full price, get your second pair for a nickel! It’s a great time to stock up, however my size always sells out first. So when I find a deal, it’s a shoe in! Out of the box and into the shoe closet! Minimal style and a minimal price – a fabulous find!

coclico snapshot

coclico angle shot Coclico overhead shot