Shoe du jour

When you mix talent and experience with a passion for footwear, you create a great marriage – a new brand and a fabulous shoe collection. That’s exactly what, Paola Vitali and Giorgio d’Arcano did when the pair created – Paola d’Arcano. Thanks to Anthropologie, I have discovered a new brand. The “Mosaic Camelia” is a an artistic, silk brocade print pump with a sturdy and comfortable 4.5″ heel and rounded toe that is all shimmer and style. Rich color combinations of cream and taupe never looked so good together in a modern design. Essential to add to your shoe wardrobe, this elegant pump is 100% made in Italy. Sure it costs a little more, but these pumps are sure to stand out. It’s spring, get noticed!

Paola d'Arcano _mosaic camelia Paola d'arcano snapshot